David Simieritsch

Intro – Hi, my name is David, I used to be an artist in the video game industry but now am a vegan, health and wellness coach specializing in weight loss.  I’ve tried every diet in the book, countless exercise plans, workouts, and activities and have found what works best, for weight loss, for my incredibly stubborn body.  Be sure to checkout my youtube channel for video content!

Phase 1– I have been a little chubby ever since I was 5 years old. Growing up all the way through grade school I was often bullied about my weight but it wasn’t until after many late nights doing overtime in the gaming industry I gained a ton of weight, 60 lbs over 2 years.  One day I was verbally assaulted by my manager at Electronic Arts and threatened to work 16 hours a day for 30 k / year or I’d lose my job.  I became mentally and violently physically ill from the altercation. I saw an infomercial for Kevin Trudeau’s Book “Natural Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About”, and on a whim I bought it and did what the book said which is basically to eat an all organic diet.  I switched everything to organic overnight and as a result I lost 22 lbs in a month.  Soon after I switched jobs and moved across the country to Ontario.  After trying to eat better, doing P90X and playing soccer, I lost about 20 lbs over a year.  Over the next 2 years I hated where I was living and having an unfulfilling job, I became depressed and the weight came back in no time.

Phase 2– Radical action was taken,  I quit my job I hated in Ontario, moved back to Vancouver.  My friend soon introduced me a friend who I started my first transformation with.  He started going through a system to build self confidence and taking baby steps to be able to talk to girls.  I was 25 at the time and never had a girlfriend.  Pathetic.. yes.. reality yep.  I started running 3 km – 6 km a day, with 10 km runs on weekends, and trying all sorts of diets.  I was eating basically a Paleo diet at the time, this was before that term was even coined but I had figured out I can’t digest wheat or dairy so I removed them.  I was also eating low carb because I heard somewhere that was good (WRONG).  Even removing wheat and dairy the weight loss was minimal and took 10 months of daily running to drop 76 lbs and get down to 163 lbs.

I spent a year going through this confidence building process with my friend, talking to anyone and everyone being very social person in preparation to start looking for suitable girlfriend.  After that year I could go anywhere (bus stops, the club, stores, coffee shop) and sit down, talk, entertain up to groups of 8 girls without any problem.  Was there fear, every time – but it’s how you manage it and use it to your advantage.  Managing your fear allows you to really show who you are to someone else, and that’s what your end goal is because it’ll save you a lot of time in the dating process.  After 6 or 7 months of meeting people, dates, friends of friends, I met my wife to be.

Phase 3– I met her on the day I hit my ultimate goal of 10% body fat – 157 lbs (I’m just over 5’11) .  I looked great, I was strong but I felt terrible.  I was always woozy in my head, low energy, just didn’t feel good at all.  This was the result of being on such a low carb diet.  There is no food for the brain and you feel utterly terrible all the time.  I was very confused because my goal was to get ripped to meet someone great.  I met this person and now what?  I didn’t do anything I didn’t set another goal and the main problem was I set a goal of getting ripped to meet someone great but after I met her I had no vision of where to go or what my next fitness goals should be.

The next year I slowly gained some weight back but the 2 years afterwards is when I added a good portion of the weight back.  I tore the muscles in my back while dead lifting 420 lbs and spent the next 4 months out of the gym.  I went back up to 195 lbs.  At this point I tried to get back into the gym a lot to lose the weight and I yoyo’d back and forth.  Some weeks I’d lose a lot and some I’d gain a lot.  I couldn’t figure out what the hell was going on.  After 3 tears in my shoulder and more months out of the gym I was up over 200 lbs.  Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse I started dealing with horrific IT band pain.  It’s like jamming a butter knife into the outside of your leg just below your knee, sure hold a butter knife there for a minute its nothing but after hours and days you’ll be wanting to cut your leg off.  A tip for everyone STRETCH DAILY!

Phase 4– I was working for Microsoft at the time,  just 2 months after spending all my money on my wedding Microsoft laid me off.  I’ll never forgot how I was placed in this situation, the timing and who was involved. Luckily my wife and I got cash gifts from family which carried us over until I got another job 6 months later.  A side note stay away the from the video game industry, in incredibly unstable and a complete nightmare.  During this phase I gained a ton of weight solely due to stress,  I went from having a fat cat Microsoft salary with benefits, bonuses, stocks to NOTHING.  I had years of stocks about to vest that was all taken away from me.  The next job I got was only on contract basis and didn’t pay great.  My stress level remained high until the end of the year when I landed a permanent full time job.  After I got the full time job my wife and I took a trip to Hong Kong,  she told me I’d lose weight from so much walking and indeed I dropped about 15 lbs.  Upon returning I had been harboring dengue fever and it struck me the day after I arrived home.  I endured the most horrific pain I’ve felt in my life over the next week.  For 4 months afterwards I was so weak I couldn’t do anything but lay on the couch and watch tv and eventually sit at my computer.   This was my heaviest point in my life clocking in at 246 lbs.

Phase 5– At this point, April 2014, I made a decision to once and for all figure out this problem that had been plaguing me my whole life.  I already knew I could be fit and ripped but back then I had done it with endless hours of running.  So first off I started trying some extreme diets that I hadn’t tried yet.  Once I got a steady base where I wasn’t gaining weight then I’d remove certain categories of food to see what did what.  Then I’d add it back in and see if I undo any results.  After 8 months of experimentation I had figured it out.  I figured out why people are fat, how they get fat and how to lose weight fast.  The solution… a VEGAN DIET.  I didn’t add any workouts in at this point just focusing on diet,  I dropped down from 246 lbs to 218 in 2 months after I figured it all out.  At this point I started working out again.  My weight stayed constant as I started gaining muscle at an alarming rate.  Back in phase 2 when I got fit and ripped it took me 6 months to be able to gain any amount of strength in the gym.  In Phase 5 I went from being able to do 6 chin ups max with rests to doing 100 chin ups per workout with 10 of those with 55 lbs weight belt in under 2 months.  Now I’m setting personal records every week.  I just loaded up 105 lbs weight belt, the heaviest I’ve ever done.  I’m still dropping weight and it’s starting to pick up as the bulk of my muscle as filled in.

This has been my story thus far,  the moral of the story isn’t something magical will happen and life will be amazing, the whole point of my story is to show you how to manage your life, your stress and your weight.  Through my videos I hope to show you what works and what doesn’t for weight loss, fitness, energy, health and nutrition.  Since switching to vegan I’ve dropped 53 pounds in 4 months and still going down while muscle mass is going up.

Phase 6– The least scariest phase now,  I just lost my job on Christmas day, so what.  I’ll find another job or work with my wife in her business, the key is to not focus on the trash in life like this.  Sure I can remove getting laid off on Christmas day from my bucket list but life goes on.  Since Christmas I’ve started my vegan youtube channel and my mission now is to help save people from their horrible diets filled with animal products.  Animal based diets are destroying the earth, destroying humans consuming them and most importantly ending lives of innocent, loving animals who have done no wrong in their lives.


If you have any questions about my story or want to suggest a topic for a video sent them to david@energyripple.com, or contact me via twitter, , or facebook.