Best Coconut Oil?

Best Coconut Oil?

Nitrogen Flushed Coconut Oil:

Today I’ve got a quick health tip for you coconut oil lovers out there. I personally don’t use coconut oil all that much but I do know there are lots of you who swear by it. So today’s tip is about oxidation.

When you cut into an apple and wait a minute it starts turning brown, if you leave it longer it’ll go rancid, that’s oxidation. The same thing happens with oils just takes longer. Coconut oil has the slowest oxidation rate so really it’s the only oil you should be using. Now when you go to buy coconut oil I highly recommend buying one that has been nitrogen flushed. Instead of air occupying the space inside the container a few companies flush out the oxygen and fill the space with nitrogen which prevents oxidation while it sits on the shelf. Keep in mind once you open it, it starts to oxidize, so buying giant containers of it is probably not the best idea.

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