11 Health Benefits of Lemon

11 Health Benefits of Lemon

Lemon Health Benefits

1. Aids in Digestion

Lemons loosen toxins in your digestive tract as well as promotes healthy digestion. Lemons can be used to relieve bloating, heartburn and burping. Lemons are the only citrus food that aid in phase 2 liver detoxification. 

2. Alkalizes the Body

Lemons may taste acidic but after the body metabolizes it, it produces an alkaline ash which the body absorbs.  This ash has an alkalizing effect on the body, raising the body’s ph level.  If the body’s ph is in an alkaline state disease can’t grow.  There are many factors that affect the ph of the body like stress, happiness, and exercise. 

3. Alleviates Constipation

Lemons have amazing detoxifying effects on the body which helps greatly with constipation relief. 

4. Boosts the Immune System

Lemons are full in vitamin C which is an excellent way to boost the immune system.  The winter months are especially good time to use them to boost your immunity. 

5. Can Cure Cholera

Lemon contains many anti-viral properties that can kill cholera bacilli quickly.  Juice lemons and mix with equal an equal amount of water. 

6. Fights Colds

Lemons have anti-viral properties that fight infections in the body. Lemon and honey is a go to staple of good health when fighting a cold. 

7. Helps Cure Heartburn

A couple spoonfuls of lemon juice in a glass of warm water will help cure heartburn. 

8. Increases Iron Absorption

Foods high in vitamin C increase iron absorption. Lemons, being high in vitamin C, are a great vessel to facilitate this absorption.  Iron Deficiency is one of the major nutrient deficiencies of the developed world, Anemia is a condition that is directly caused by having an iron deficiency. 

9. Increases Nutrient Absorption Rate

Lemons have properties that increase nutrient absorption rate by five times. 

10. Reducing Inflammation

Lemons are very alkalizing to the body even though they taste acidic. 

11. Relieves Asthma

Taking one tablespoon of lemon juice one hour before a meal can relieve asthma.

Lemon Health Benefits



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