The Importance Of Juicing

The Importance Of Juicing

Green Juices are the most easily absorb-able natural multi vitamin you can get. I personally have had a massive transformation in my own health juicing vegetables and want the same for you too! If you haven’t tried a green juice I highly recommend trying one out and see what it’s all about.

Even though daily farming practices deplete soil of vitamins and minerals, I believe if you eat a whole foods fruit and vegetables diet you will still meet your nutrition requirements but if you add a green juice to your diet you’ll max out your nutrition and feel incredible. The problem with farming comes from the fact that we no longer experience the once in a century flood that spreads minerals across the land, revitalizing it. With modern technology humans have control over where rivers flow and over flow not allowing new minerals to be introduced to the land. Some farmers add minerals in but can be costly. With all of this said I recommend doing yourself a big favor and rewarding your body with a green juice to maximize your health.

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Author: David

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