Top 3 Ways To Cure Back Pain

Top 3 Ways To Cure Back Pain

How To Cure Back Pain:
They can be remembered easily by remembering the 3 P’s.

If you want to cure or prevent back pain you need to start off by building a strong core. There is no exercise better than doing planks. If you are overweight and out of shape start by doing them from your knees and alternate to left and right side planks as you get tired. As you get stronger do planks from your feet. Once you get really strong hold each position individually instead of switching sides and work your way up to 4 minutes uninterrupted.

Posture is something that is very much overlooked. Whether you are working a desk job or manual labor be cognizant of your posture. The easiest way to know if you have good posture is to stand up and pretend you are super man. What does his posture look like? Push your chest out a bit, arc your back, really imagine wearing that cape. This posture of having a small curve in your lower back and spine stretched out, and shoulders back is key. Now sit down and try to keep this posture. The key to being able to sit like this is is having that strong core so don’t skip doing planks!

Plant Based Diet
The best way to cure lingering back pain is to switch to a plant based vegan diet. The reason for this is cholesterol in animal products clogs our arteries. The spinal column is surrounded by avascular blood vessels and relies on nutrients to be diffused into the spinal column. Having cholesterol blockages around your spine will result in the degradation of your spinal discs, leading first back pain then arthritis. These tiny blood vessel around the spine clog much faster than larger ones so take it as a warning sign of worse things to come.

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